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Captain Butch Foster was born in Lexington,NC to Lester and Jimmie Foster and grew up in the rural community of Reeds Crossroads. Here he went to Reeds Elementary School and West Davidson High School and during the summers when he was not mowing yards he was fishing at his grandpa’s carp ponds. His grandpa, from his mothers side, Dan Crews, was Captain Butch’s hero and the only one in his family that shared the same love for fishing, so every chance they had, they headed to the coast!!!

Captain Butch never did like school and back at that time in history school did not play the role it does today but still he hung in there until he was 16. At the age of 16 he developed Crohn’s Disease, a disease that was not even named at that time and very little was known about the illness like it is today. The pressures and complications from the Crohn’s caused Captain Butch’s school work to suffer to the point that he finally gave up and quit.

The fact that he quit school would never leave his mind and he was determined to show he could make it anyway. He tried a job in a furniture factory but with the complications from the illness he couldn’t hold out. Captain Butch decided that he could work for himself and be able to handle the complications and the pain from his condition with Crohn’s Disease, but what could he do? During this time he met Barbara Lassiter from the Churchland,NC community. They had gone to school together but never even noticed each other there!! They dated a few years and were married in 1972, and still are today!!!!

Taxidermy, that’s it, this was right up his alley. He liked the fishing and hunting that was instilled into him by his grandpa!! He studied the techniques and ways and started his venture into the world of Taxidermy. He was very determined to master this, and he did. He became very well known for his mounts. Only problem was he was way before this type of arts time. The late 60’s, early 70’s was no time for luxury items like mounted animals and fish. But Captain Butch pushed on for several years in Taxidermy.

Early to mid 70’s brought the fuel crises and just like today prices went up and fuel was even rationed and most service stations were out of gas. This stopped all the unnecessary items and the Taxidermy business all but quit. People couldn’t afford any luxury items now, boy, speaking of history repeating itself!!!

By this time Captain Butch had some friends in the Truck driving business. So, Captain Butch started driving for Miller TV, a subsidiary of RCA. He drove for a few years then a new operation opened up near his home in Spencer,NC. It was owned by James “Jim” Swing and it was hauling boxes and Captain Butch took a job there driving. Captain Butch’s tractor trailer driving lasted about 18 years total before his illness and his doctor had him to stop driving due to complications. At this point Captain Butch was offered disability, he promptly refused, he could make it on his own, he knew he could!!!!!

By this time, things were not looking good. Captain Butch was down to 98 pounds and getting weaker by the day, but still determined to make his own way. He got a call from his Doctor, and was told about a new experimental drug that he could give Captain Butch but he would have to go in the hospital and take it. Captain Butch agreed to try it!! It was a giant breakthrough for Crohn’s patients. Seven months after the treatment , Captain Butch weighed 240 lbs. his illness was in remission and still is today.

Now he felt a lot better, was stronger, felt like living again but there was something still void in his life. Captain Butch met two guys that would be instrumental in getting him where he is today. They were Edgar Thomas and Harry Brittain. Edgar was plant Manager of Frank IX and Sons and Harry was plant manager. This was a Textile mill that used Carbon Fiber Rapiers on their weaving looms. These things break, were very expensive to replace and they afforded Captain Butch the opportunity to try and repair one. This had been tried by the R&D departments of various mills in the past with no success. Captain Butch’s first few attempts were also a failure. But not willing to give up, well, Captain Butch holds the US PATENT #4,817,679 for the repair of a Carbon Fiber rapier. This was the work he had been looking for, this gave him plenty of time to fish at the coast, his true love, but never had time to do much in the past. Captain Butch could have ripped these companies off but instead charged a fair price for the work he did, just making a living, not getting rich. This same principal is still observed today in the Charter Business, trying to keep it where the “working man” can afford to have some fun and not have to work all the time!!

He couldn’t put his finger on it, but there was still a void in his life. The confusing part was that with all he had been through with the Crohn’s Disease and the way he had pushed to get to where he was today, how could something still be void in his life? He had proved he could make it on his own even with all the “stumbling blocks” in his way!!! Well, Captain Butch found the void in his life, on January 2nd, 1986, he and wife Barbara had a son, Christopher Ray Foster. This was only rivaled by the day he married Barbara. Chris became Captain Butch’s life. When you saw one, the other was close by. A dad’s bond to a child could never be any stronger than Captain Butch’s love for Chris. Chris’s love for saltwater fishing was as strong as his dads, and Captain Butch’s prayers were finally answered. This was it, we were moving to the coast and Chris and he were going to start a Charter Service. Chris’s response was “YEAH RIGHT”, so came the Charter name!! Chris’s love for the charter business and saltwater fishing grew and at age 18, there were two Captains in the family, Captain Chris Foster !!!! A dad could never be any more proud than he was at that time!!!!

This lasted a couple of years and Captain Chris decided that he had to try it on his own, just like Captain Butch had to do. We THANK GOD EVERY DAY that Captain Chris is healthy and pray everyday he won’t be held back by his health as Captain Butch was, it is a tough, cruel way to live!! So, today Captain Butch carries on the Charter Business thinking that someday Captain Chris may decide to come back to it, and if it’s God's will and Captian Butch can hold out, it will be done and here for him!! Only God knows what the future holds for us!!

Captain Butch has met a lot of people and made a lot of friends over the years and they were and are instrumental in one way or another for him to be where he is today. He hopes they all have fond memories of him and that he has not befriended anyone in his life’s endeavors. There is no way he could list them all without surely missing someone, so we will not try!!

Fortunately, the list of deceptive people we have met over the years is small and we could list these and not miss anyone, but, we won't list those either.

Captain Butch has just took the experience with these people as another of life's lessons and seperated himself from the undesirables knowing that their ways will eventually lead to their self destruction. God says "Your ways will find you out" and "You will reap what you sow"

But, he has charged foreward and learned that no amount of money is worth having to live a life that won’t let you enjoy all life has to offer!! And if you don't earn your wages honestly, and have compassion for your fellow man,you are only destroying yourself. "God will not let you to continue to decieve"!!

Very few people ever get to do what they want to do for a living, most are too busy making money!! It was a long tough road to where he is today and he works more hours than he ever thought possible, has less time than he has ever had to get all the things he needs to get done, done and heaven only knows why he loves it like he does, My guess it's because he did it on his own with the help of God, his strong love and desire for helping others, the miracles of medicine, the drive to not give up, support of his wife Barbara, God's miracle of Captain Christopher Ray, he has now found his place on this earth and why he was put here, To pass on God's word, To raise and cherish a son, To provide a 110% committment to his wife, son, and business, To help other people have a great time and catch fish, and to achieve these goals, "Yeah Right Charters" was formed to help carry on his dreams!!!! SO, PLEASE,DON’T EVER GIVE UP AND YOUR DREAMS CAN COME TRUE!!!!

Till next time, FISH ON!!! Barbara Foster, Oh Yeah, “Admiral Bodie” the fish dog says HI!!!

CAPTAIN BUTCH has fished the ocean waters off North Carolina since he was 10 years old. When he came to fish the SOUTHPORT area, he realized this area has nearly any kind of saltwater fishing with-in reach. Anything from the CAPE FEAR RIVER to the GULF STREAM is available here. He has become well known in the area as one of the top offshore and nearshore captains. His fishing ability has placed his fishing team in the top ten in the FALL BRAWL KING MACKERAL TOURNAMENT, and in the U S OPEN KING MACKERAL TOURNAMENT he has placed eleventh!! He is a regular seminar speaker and instructor for BOATERS WORLD. He does many fishing seminars at various shows and expos through out the year. He is also a teacher/instructor for the "FISHERMAN'S POST magazine fishing school, he also does weekly fishing reports for this paper as well. His fishing reputation has caught the attention of some top sporting magazines in which he has done articles. Capt. Butch has also been asked by George Poveromo, Senior Editor of SALTWATER SPORTSMAN MAGAZINE to join their SALTWATER SEMINAR SERIES as an instructor. His fishing charter and fishing techniques is featured in the book "OFFSHORE ANGLER". He does weekly fishing reports for the NEWS&OBSERVER newspaper with a reader index that numbers into 7 digits!! Captain Butch's fishing knowledge and seminar profile has made him to be sought by many Saltwater fishing clubs to come and speak at their meetings in which he does on a regular basis!! This past spring he was asked to go to the gulfstream and shoot a video, which turned out very well with yellowfin tuna and wahoo caught and with mahi-mahi and billfish hooked up! And, he is doing another video for AMERICAS OUTDOORSMAN. Captain Butch's reputation for honest and fair business practices and his willingness to "go the extra mile on your trip if needed to get you fish" along with a true love for the charter business and his fishermen and fisherwomen, ("which he refers to as his friends") has prompted several company's to approach him to endorse and use their products. Captain Butch has several company's products that he uses and endorses,(with more being added) but, will not allow any monetary gain to be involved, therefore, he only uses and endorses products that he likes and believes in and only those that will help him and you catch more fish, and with no money involved, no one is obligated!! The same reputation has prompted his charter business to be the only charter in NC to be invited to be a member of the COASTAL CAROLINA BBB. Captain Butch is featured every week on the COASTAL CAROLINA FISHING REPORTS TV SHOW where he brings you the Cape Fear Report!! Even with all this, Captain Butch Loves what he does and loves the people that work with him and all the great folks that fish with him, as he says so often, You know, without everyone, what I do would be useless!!! You know, it really is easy to take it for granted that everyone knows how it is offshore, I guess that happens when you are there all the time. You should experience the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that only occur on the ocean. Ride with bottle nosed dolphin, lots of times they play and jump right along with the boat. Experience the green and blue waters only found offshore and the gulfstream water is a cobalt blue you will only find out there. Hook up with a yellowfin tuna in the stream and look down at him in the water only to realize he is still fifty feet deep, yeah, it's that clear out there!! Experience the flying fish, yes there are fish out there that jump out of the water and glide long distances in the air, sometimes you will jump large schools and they will fly everywhere! 32 miles offshore is a tower, FRYING PAN TOWER, that is schelued to be torn down, but as for now it is still there. A picture turned into a framed 8x10 would be a great conversation piece before long. If you have never experienced the tranquil beast called the Atlantic Ocean, it is a shame, for there are not enough words in the english language to describe this liquid paradise. Don't let life pass you by without giving it a try, it is truly the last frontier that can not be tamed or changed from its natural beauty! Oh yeah, did I mention the fact that we also catch many types and many sizes of fish out there. You haven't experienced a rush like you will when a blue marlin, wahoo, sail fish, bull dolphin, tuna or one of many other species crashes your bait offshore. You will never hear a fishing reel clicker scream anywhere like it does offshore!!! Line peels off a reel faster than you can imagine. This is no place for bass tackle, we use 50, 80, and sometimes 130 pound class stand up tackle, and sometimes that is not enough!! You strap on a fighting harness and for a while there is nothing else in the world happening but you and that fish, he is determined you are not going to land him and you are determined you will!! To see who comes out victorious, you have to be there!! Having said this, my main concern is for your safety and enjoyment!! Our boat is equipped with the finest safety items that you can purchase!!! I am never satisified even with a great charter trip I want you to have had more. You will get a special treat on most of our charters, you will get to meet BODIE, a party pomeranian that has fished on the YEAH RIGHT now for over 5 years. He loves to fish and he loves people. CAPTAIN BUTCH is a down home, GOD fearing captain that hasn't forgotten where he came from. By the way, he also loves to cook. Be sure to check out some of his recipes on the web page. Also, if you are going fishing today, be sure to "THANK A VET" because without their unselfish dedication to this country and their ultimate sacrifices, you wouldn't be going anywhere!!! Also, I will pray that "GOD BLESSES YOU AS HE HAS ME AND MY FAMILY"

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