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The B n' M is a 34' Crusader docked out of Bud N' Mary's. She has twin Yanmar diesel's and is much more roomy and fish-able than a center console of that size. Captain Nick Stanczyk grew up fishing in the Florida Keys, and his family owns Bud N' Mary's Marina. He is very experienced and has fished all over Florida and the Bahamas. If your not looking to spend so much on a larger boat, but want the fishability and experience, check out the B n' M!!! Capt. Nick also was involve with the discovery of daytime sword fishing off the shores of Islamorada and this is one of his charter specialties! Come have a great day on the water with Capt. Nick Stanczyk and find out what Florida Keys offshore fishing is all about!

Florida Deep Sea Fishing is one of the most popular things charter captains in the Florida Keys do! This type of fishing usually involves trolling or 'running and gunning' where your looking for debris or birds to indicate fish and casting to them. Target species include dolphin (mahi mahi), tuna, wahoo, marlin, bonita, amberjack, and more! Often times these trips run 30+ miles, and fish areas known as the 'humps' for tuna and amberjack. Generally a full day is required to really have a chance at catching fish, though sometimes the fish are in closer and you can do a half day. This kind of fishing is best in the spring and summer, all the way through October.

Islamorada sailfish charters are most popular in the winter and early spring months in the Florida Keys. Most of these fish are caught within 10 miles of shore so you can fish either a half day or full day, though many times you won't know if the fishing will turn on in the afternoon or morning so a full day is still your best bet. King mackerel are often caught while fishing for sails as well, and often times we fish baits on a kite while anchored down so you can do both at once! This is one of the most exciting kinds of fishing you'll ever experience, watching sailfish chase live baits and hook up is an absolute thrill! Capt. Nick makes sure to catch his own live bait and often has them penned up in advance, as these fish can be pretty finicky he has multiple different baits he likes to use to give you the best chance at catching the fish of a lifetime!

Reef Fishing in Islamorada is great for families and fishermen who want to have lots of rod bending action! It also provides great eating fish such as yellowtail, mangrove snapper, mutton snapper, grouper, cobia, mackerel, and more! You'll be reeling in different species all day and this is great for anglers who have never fished as they can get the hang of it easily and do most of the fishing themselves! Perfect for families with small children that want to have them entertained the whole time instead of spending time running and trolling! Half day or full day can provide ample time to do this kind of fishing!

Daytime Swordfishing in Islamorada is one of the latest discoveries in the fishing world! Capt. Nick Stanczyk along with his father and uncle Capt. Richard and Scott Stanczyk, helped discover this fishery off the coast of Florida back in early 2002. They've caught hundreds of daytime swordfish and had a number of articles and TV shows publicating this discovery and their proven technique! Nobody has more experience doing this than Capt. Nick Stanczyk and the "B n' M." If you are looking for a shot at catching a swordfish in the daytime then this is your chance! These fish often get several hundred pounds and can take hours to reel in, but for the big game enthusiast this is the chance of a lifetime! A full day is required and since the boat must often fish extra hours and run 40 or 50 miles one way, the price is more expensive. Full days run $1500.00.

These are just some of the kinds of fishing trips we offer, often times we will mix up different aspects depending on what's hot. Most of my customers nowadays simply want to catch fish and being on the water or around the marina everday, I can tell you what has been best. So if you want to target a certain species that is fine, or if you want my report on what has been the best we can do that too. It's all up to you, no stress I promise!

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