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All Lit Up Charters is always ready to find the big one! With a professional fishing service that is second to none, nothing will be held back when your fish is ALL Lit Up and ready to eat! Only the finest live baits, tackle, and equipment will be used to ensure that your chance of a lifetime doesn't get away!

The Vessel

She is a custom built Conch 27 center console open fisherman! She is 27' long and has twin 225 H.P. Mercury engines that will get you to the fishing grounds in a hurry. She is the fastest boat in the fleet, and will ride out with the best of them. The vessel was designed by, and for, Florida Keys Fishing Captains and is highly sought after for it's very stable and dry ride! She has a 360 degree fishing platform to fight your big one, and there is nothing to get in your way! You can walk completely around the boat and never have to duck or put your rod over or under any pipes or rigging. Her Custom features include 65 Rod Holders, 2 Livewells with Oxygenation systems with aft well boasting 150 gallons and the fore well boasting 150 gallons! They are huge and will hold more than enough bait to get you through any type of fishing you can dream of! Her electronics are a 10" Furuno NavNet GPS/ Chartplotter/ Radar/ Sounder with a 2KW transducer and a 4KW Radar! She also has an ICOM VHF, cellular phone, and a great stereo system for your listening pleasure! This boat is absolutely spectacular and extremely versatile. Her draft is only 16 inches which will allow us to get in the skinny stuff to chase down a Giant Tarpon, or catch some bait on the deeper flats! On the other hand, her Deadrise is 22.5 degrees which will allow us to go into the rough stuff with the big boats and have a dry comfortable ride! This boat is amazing, and with one ride you will be hooked just like the fish!


Welcome to the Sportfishing Capital of the World! Islamorada, Florida is one of the best places anywhere in the world where world record fish, and world renowned numbers can be found! Offshore fishing here in Islamorada attains many different types of fish. From Blue Marlin, Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, Sailfish, Wahoo, Kingfish, Amberjacks and the elusive White Marlin, all of these can be caught right here in our own back yard! While fishing for these guys, we will use several different techniques to catch these fish. These techniques consist of running and gunning, kite fishing, trolling, drifting, and live chumming. Depending on the target species will determine which technique we will use, but leave it up to us to get you your trophy catch!


So you want to fish the reef? What a spectacular place to drop a line! The reef we have here is the 2nd largest reef in the world, and it is loaded with fish! From Yellowtail Snappers, Mutton Snappers, Groupers, Kingfish, Wahoo, Sailfish, and even the occasional Tuna and Mahi-Mahi, there is hardly a dull moment when fishing the reef! We are so lucky to have this beautiful piece of nature here in our backyard, and are luckier to have the opportunity to fish on it! This is one type of fishing that is extremely exciting because you can actually catch so many different types of fish in one spot! Much of this style of fishing is done with chumming and the fish come to the surface to get their meal. At least that is what they think before they get a hook in their mouth! This is truly an exciting trip and generally yields the best table fair as well. Leave it up to us and you will see just how amazing our reef can be!


Wreck fishing in the keys is a unique type of fishing that anglers from all over the world come to experience. We have so many different wrecks in the Keys that the hardest part becomes deciding which one’s that we want to fish on any given day! This type of fishing is one that you will generally find the larger fish. The fish that have grown out of their adolescence and are no longer in need of their school. They are large and fast, and are plenty capable of catching their own meal. Also, they are more than happy to give you a run for your money on rod and reel! Although, the solitary fish aren’t the only ones that like the wrecks, there are several different types of fish that live around these massive structures that will gladly come up to the surface for a free meal. In this type of fishing, we will fish the bottom, or will “live-chum” the fish to the surface. Usually we will have lines on the bottom to target the big Grouper, Amber Jacks and Mutton Snapper, while leaving out a flat line to pick up a King Mackerel, Sailfish, Wahoo or Barracuda. All at the same time we are tossing handfuls of live baits overboard bringing up the Blackfin Tunas, and Bonita from below. Once they are at the surface, we will bait up the lines with the same live bait, and off to the races we go! It is a technique that is rarely used, but offers up some of the most exciting fishing to be found anywhere in the world. This is a truly addictive method of fishing!


What can you say about fishing in the Gulf of Mexico! It is an absolutely spectacular place to fish, and is very unique to the Florida Keys, especially the middle and upper keys because of the lack of fishing pressure. It is truly a site to see Groupers up to 500lbs and Cobias swimming all around the boat! Kingfish as big as they come and Permit mixed right in there with them. Using all of the techniques that make offshore fishing so exciting! We catch huge Kingfish, Cobias, and Sharks off the kite, and the rest casting and drifting baits back on Anchor. We chum pretty heavy while fishing here too, as we are chunking and using block chum to draw the fish near. You can see the huge red blobs on the depth sounder as the monster Goliath Groupers start to gather under the boat! It is one of the most action packed and exciting trips that we do! In a day you can expect to catch Goliath Groupers, King Fish, Cobias, Sharks, Snappers, Groupers, and Permit. Some of these come in and out with the season, but from December through May you can count on the majority of these fish! These trips are longer runs, this is why there is a difference in price and length of the charter, but well worth it! You have never been worn out fishing like this trip will make you! You can count on it!

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