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At any rate, there is never a night I go to sleep without thinking about huge Tuna Crashing Kite Baits or thoughts of ways to fool the largest of Pelagic Fish... Funny isn't it? I have more than one business; I've been successful as a father, businessman and husband as well as a son and friend. BUT what I think about at night is OFFSHORE Fishing Experiences!! My affliction, grit and tenacity are YOUR recipe for the Offshore Blue Water Experience of a lifetime.

I continue to think one day I will wake up and being "Cock of the Dock" will not be my passion….Allowing other Captains to one up me won't hurt so bad…..IT DOESN'T HAPPEN, this obsession will not go away!

I have been fortunate to fish on a professional level over 20 years now. I have the persistence of woodpecker (could you imagine) the energy of a Lion and the type personality that will not be defeated. Some call me Energetic. I don't see myself as extraordinary but my un-canning ability to provide fun on the water has been my pleasure since I was only a child...

I run my boat as I have run my business. I'm responsible, structured and systematic. Not overly to become Anal, but enough to produce the same outcome over and over with a degree of predictability. Look, I know you are wondering what the Heck, who cares; All I want is a fish catching day in the Fertile Pelagic Rich Waters of Venice Louisiana...

I'm running out of time to explain what this means to YOU!!!

I Promise to run a professionally maintained fishing boat... I Promise to have the BEST Tackle on the Planet. I Promise to have fresh equipment, sharp hooks and cutting edge techniques. I Promise to pay attention to the details in order for the day to fall into place. NO leaving the dock half cocked, NO use of half ass equipment... NO Way!!!! We leave every single day prepared for the biggest and best day ever...

I know what it is to be a client and I know what its like to be the guide. I'm very discerning and I watch things unfold around me. Look, I've said more than once AND if you surf my site any longer you will realize I DO NOT have to do this I WANT TO do this. I want to show you my world; I want to see your face when a 150lb YellowFin Tuna comes to gaff. When I see you making memories for a lifetime I've completed my assignment.

I know, I know you are thinking right now: This guy doesn't have to do this for living so he doesn't have to produce he has other income and interests… HogWash; That could not be further from the truth, while it may be true for some in a moonlighting capacity, not me. I've never ever done anything half ass in my life. I'm a winner everyday I don't take "NO" for an answer.

If you are looking for a Blue Water Fishing Experience right in your back-yard that is second to None, CajunOdysea located in Venice Louisiana is the ONLY choice.

Trust me once and you will rely on me for years to come.


Captain Mike Gray

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