Want to find out a little more about us and what we do? Have some basic questions about our charters you need answers to? Check out the list below, or contact us today.

Does it cost anything to use FishingCharters.com?

No, consumers looking for a fishing charter can browse and contact for free. If you have a charter or a fleet you can opt to list your charter business in our directory. There are three packages available and you can learn more about fishingcharters.com listings here.

Why should I use a professional charter or a guide?

In our experience, when you fish with a guide or a pro, you are all but guaranteed a successful trip. Captains have the experience, know the waters and know how to catch in many conditions. Plus, they just love fishing and keeping their guests happy so that they can have an enjoyable experience.

What requirements are captains of charters and guides required to have?

Captains in the United States are required by federal law to have a United States Coast Guard (USCG) license. This also requires all licensed operators to be enrolled in a random drug testing program and have vessels regularly inspected. Other countries have similar licenses and guidelines in place as well.

Can I take my family out on a charter?

A fishing charter or trip with a guide can be enjoyed by a single person or a family. Most encourage the participation of small children as well, however charters will require the wearing of life jackets at all times. Many charter specialists are also willing to give handicapped clients special consideration.

When on a fishing charter will I need a fishing license?

Yes, most states and countries will require a fishing license. Make sure to ask your Charter Captain or guide if this is included in the charter package or a separate cost. Most fishing licenses vary in price.

Will there be a bathroom on board our charter vessel?

Depending on the size of your fishing charter there usually is a bathroom however we suggest to ask your charter before booking your fishing trip. Each fishing charter will have different size boats with different accommodations.

Does my fishing charter include food, beverages and bait?

Please make sure to ask your fishing charter before booking your fishing trip as each captain will have different packages that could include beverages, food, ice and bait.

What type of clothing should I wear on the fishing charter?

Depending on the location and time of year it is best to check and monitor the weather. Usually on the water air temperatures are 3-10 degrees cooler, however the sun will reflect off the water and be more damaging to your skin if not properly protected. Good rubber soled shoes, shorts, sunglasses, a light shirt and hat are recommended in tropical environments. Remember to ask your fishing charter or guide for clothing requirements. No one wants to be uncomfortable, cold or sun-chapped on a fishing boat.

Will the captain and his crew clean the fish I catch so I can take home?

Each state, region and country has different laws regarding catch and release or keeping catch. Most times the captain will clean a reasonable amount of fish or has a service that will do this back at port. With larger quantity catches it is usually the responsibility of the customer to transport and clean their fish. Make sure to ask your fishing charter or guide before booking.

If I catch a large fish will I be able to have it mounted?

Captains can provide more information (based on area) regarding taxidermy and mounting of large fish. Please inquire with your fishing charter or guide.

Can I bring my own tackle on the trip?

Yes, most captains will allow you to bring your own tackle, however most supply everything you’ll need to catch fish. Check with each individual captain or guide for more information.

If the weather is bad will we still go on my booked charter?

Check with each captain or guide regarding weather conditions and their individual policies regarding weather and rescheduling.

I want to fish for a specific fish, can most charters do this?

Yes, please make sure to discuss this with your fishing charter or fishing guide as to your requirements on catch before your charter. Will many will accommodate, however none will promise it, as it is impossible

Can I book a charter or guide through FishingCharters.com?

Currently, the only way to book a charter or guide is to contact the charter or guide directly through our site. We are currently developing a booking system that will be available in late 2013.

I own a boat and do charters / am a fishing guide. Can I list my company on this site?

Yes, and it is currently free to do so. Click this link to sign up your business and start using our tools to get more business. We’d also appreciate any feedback so that we can make FishingCharters.com a better tool for consumers and businesses.