Articles by Capt. Nick Gonzalez

Tuna Fishing in South Florida

Tuna Fishing Techniques By: Capt. Nick Gonzalez Spring time in South Florida means different things to anglers all across the board. Some look forward to chasing big dolphin in the Gulfstream, while others prep for the tarpon migration or grouper’s opening season. The sailfish bite is often going off during this late season run and many take advantage of the wide open bite. For the Double Threat team, spring time allows us to capitalize on a particular species that is often absent throughout the remainder of …

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Covering Multiple Depths with Your Fishing Spread

By: Capt. Nick Gonzalez Whether you enjoy anchoring on offshore reefs and wrecks for bottom fish or prowl the open ocean for pelagics, adding different dimensions to your bait spread is vital for success. Both large and small boats can take advantage of different portions of the water column where different species hunt. By blanketing the entire area around your boat from top to bottom, anglers can effectively up their chances of getting hooked up. An angler is spending his …

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