Ice Anglers Take Advantage of Navionics Mapping and Apps

Navionics No OverlayNavionics, the world leader in electronic navigation. Navionics has anglers covered in the hard water season up North. While some anglers put away their boats for the end of open water season many continue on fishing once the water freezes over.

GPS units handheld or mounted to snowmobiles and ATV’s are becoming a mainstay so why not take advantage of the same mapping that you use during the open water season! Let Navionics HD Mapping take you to the structure that holds the fish. With Navionics constantly adding updates thru the Freshest Data program you can take advantage of the most up to date and detailed lake cartography while “driving” to your fishing hole.

Navionics also has Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android users that offer the same great detailed cartography. Get the most detailed and freshest charts to enhance your fish outings while planning your day on the ice all from the comfort of your home, fish house and vehicle! View charts with satellite overlay data, plan routes and store waypoints to assist in your navigation. All personal routes and waypoints can be synched among your phones, tablets and PC’s. With mobile apps you can also take advantage the Community Layer feature, which gives you access to some great local data and you can add edits to the map.

No OverlayApple users Navionics offers another solution to mapping with their Nav Module for iPhone, iPad HD Apps. The Nav Module expands the navigation capabilities of the Navionics App by providing users the ability to enter routes on the ice and navigate to them for $1.99. Additionally users can analyze vital details such as estimated time of arrival, distance to arrival, compass headings, all while in the comfort of vehicle or home on one device that goes everywhere with you. Editing can be done underway while receiving real time route data, or planned off the ice, syncing to your other mobile devices.

Navionics also offers a PC App. take advantage of many of the same features available on the mobile apps. PC app includes wind forecast overlay and import/export routes and waypoints features.

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